Angela Venarchik Ceramics
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Ceramics inspired by the wilds of Chicago

Angela Venarchik is a ceramic artist living on Lake Michigan in Chicago.  Her work is minimal and neat, placing an emphasis on form and function rather than image or decoration. Mainly inspired by the landscape of the Prairie State and the Great Lakes, the wide-open spaces of the Plains are expressed through clean and minimal design. She works in a color palette that reflects golden native grasses, stormy summer skies, snow-covered urban landscapes and the saturated blues of Lake Michigan. Each piece carries a deep, clear sense of place.  Angela hopes to bring this unique terroir into homes all over the world and put Chicago folk-craft on the map.  Angela Venarchik Ceramics is a celebration of design, craftsmanship & Midwestern life!

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Each collection features limited edition pieces created to celebrate specific Chicago area landscapes and solicit donations to help preserve them. A portion of profits from each collection will be donated to the work of Healing our Waters- The Great Lakes Coalition and Openlands . This contribution, made quarterly, will help preserve crucial wildlife habitats, protect and improve infrastructure contributing to safe drinking water, fund efforts to eliminate invasive species and toxic algae threatening the Great Lakes and maintain the natural lands and public parks in the Chicagoland area.




Inspired by the beauty of Lake MIchigan and the rivers that flow into it

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“Ceramic artist Angela Venarchik mines Midwest landscapes for inspiration. Snowy fields, moody Lake Michigan water, and wild prairie flowers are translated into dishes, bowls, pitchers, and mugs.  “

— Curbed Chicago

Prairie Collection

Inspired by the colors of native grasses and prairie wildflowers

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A behind the scenes in her Chicago studio

In the Studio:

Take a look at what is involved in making each piece