Angela Venarchik is a ceramic artist living on Lake Michigan in Chicago.  Her work is minimal and neat, placing an emphasis on form and function rather than image or decoration. Mainly inspired by the landscape of the Prairie State and the Great Lakes, the wide-open spaces of the Plains are expressed through clean and minimal design. She works in a color palette that reflects golden native grasses, stormy summer skies, snow-covered urban landscapes and the saturated blues of Lake Michigan. Each piece carries a deep, clear sense of place. Angela Venarchik Ceramics is a celebration of design, craftsmanship & Midwestern life!


The Collections

Each collection offers unique ways to celebrate vital Midwestern ecosystems, partner with their protectors and bring a little bit of quiet, thoughtful ceremony into your life and home.


Great Lakes Collection

A tribute to the massive network of unique bodies of water feeding and being fed by the Great Lakes. Deep navy and saturated blues capture the intensity found in Lake Michigan’s everchanging landscape. Lime and silvery greens reflect the reeds and swamp grasses at the water’s edge in Skokie Lagoons. Slick black and rich browns represent the animals living in these wetland habitats. Foraged wood from beaver dams or the shores of Lake Michigan become handmade handles for tea pots. 5% of profits made from this collection will be donated on a quarterly basis to the Great Lakes Coalition - Healing Our Waters Fund to preserve and fight for these precious, mysterious, and essential pieces of the Midwestern beauty.


Prairie Collection

A celebration of the beauty of the plains and the native plants that have multiplied within them. Bright yellows, light pinks and subtle blues reference wildflowers in Summer. Soft neutrals, matte white and golden brown recall native grass and dormant plants in deep Winter. The surface of these pieces explore texture and fields of color, often incorporating the unglazed and natural clay body into the design. 5% of profits from this collection will be donated quarterly to Openlands, a non profit foundation dedicated to the conservation of “natural and open spaces of northeastern Illinois and the surrounding region to ensure cleaner air and water, protect natural habitats and wildlife, and help balance and enrich our lives”.


Core Collection

The core collection carries on the themes of Midwestern life, home and quiet ceremony. These ceramics are created to inspire joy in home life by adding beauty, color and functional ways to engage in ritual, community and the natural places around us.