Baby Ikebana in Matte Black

Baby Ikebana in Matte Black


Have fun designing simple and sculptural arrangements for your home. It only takes a few stems and the possibilities are endless!

There is a built in flower frog to hold your arrangement in place so you can go as high or as wide as you’d like. I like these vases because it helps me enjoy each flower individually as it contributes to the overall composition.They are also great for documenting what caught your eye during a walk through the local forest preserve, prairie or urban neighborhood block! There are no rules! Just have fun!

  • Approx 5.5”W x 2”H

  • Holds water to keep your stems fresh!

  • Built in Flower frog to hold your stems at the angle you desire

  • 3 different hole sizes to accommodate delicate or sturdier stems

For easy cleaning just run the vase under the faucet and the loose foliage will wash right out under the flower frog. This glaze is dishwasher safe but due to the vase’s size and shape hand washing with soap and water is recommended.

The glaze is a sparkly matte black that has a greenish hue when it is applies thick.

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