Pedestal Vase (3 options)

Pedestal Vase (3 options)


This clever vase has a built in flower frog to help you build the most unique and beautiful arrangements. You can build them Ikebana style with just a few stems creating elemental and minimal arrangements that are more sculptural. Or you can build wide and low and airy arrangements (pictured) with an abundance of stems held together by the flower frog.

There are 3 different shapes/color combos to choose from: Please select which you would like during checkout:

  • #1 : pictured with the flower arrangement. Rounder at he hip and glazed in a glossier cream color. The inside of the vase is a satin white.

    • 6 “ W x 4” H

  • #2: Matte white on the outside and a neutral glossy cream on the inside. The curve to the foot is more subtle on this vase.

    • 5.75” W x 4.5 “ H

  • #3 : Satin white on the outside and inside. This vase has the strongest angle from the foot to the hip to the rim.

    • 6.75 “ W x 4.5” H

For easy cleaning just run the vase under the faucet and the loose foliage will wash right out under the flower frog. This glaze is dishwasher safe but due to the vase’s size and shape hand washing with soap and water is recommended.

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