Spring Storm Dinnerware

Spring Storm Dinnerware

from 28.00

THIS IS A MADE TO ORDER ITEM and can be mixed and matched to fit your color preferences. The processing time for this order is 6-8 weeks.

Price breakdown when checking out is for each piece selected and not each set. When building your sets these are your options:

  • One 10” Dinner Plate : $42

    • Choose from 2 color options: Celadon or Blue-grey

  • One 8” Dessert Plate $ 38

    • Choose from 3 color options: Celadon, Speckled White or Blue-grey

  • One 6” Everyday Bowl : $28

    • Choose from 3 color options: Celadon, Speckled White or Blue-grey

Candle holders and small pouring vessels are not included in the price but can be purchased in addition to the sets.

*Discounts or coupons cannot be applied to this product

Every Spring in Chicago you can witness this color combo by standing on the shores of Lake Michigan right before a storm. Beginning in March, turbulent storms darken the sky to a moody grey-blue and the water turns an almost tropical blue-green in response. The speckled white plates resemble the crashing whitewater waves on the beach. Scroll to the inspiration picture at the end.

My glazes are lead free, microwave and dishwasher safe. They are made tough and with the intention to last generations. Hand washing is a technique that will help extend the life of the pieces throughout the years.

Please select each color/piece combo that you would like during checkout. Each combo available is pictured. Add to cart between each piece (ex: select 6 plates, select color - hit add to cart- then select 6 bowls, select color - hit add to cart, ect…)

This is a really special purchase so please feel to reach out if you would like more details or more pictures of the items.

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